Established as a US corporation in 1997, International Space Services' products include:

  • Assessments of significant leadership, program and policy changes in the US space program - and in other space programs - that focus on opportunities and issues for potential partners.
  • Periodic reports providing updates on significant space program activities in the US and other space-faring countries
  • Assessments of space cooperation opportunities and challenges.
  • Studies comparing space program budgets, research activities and priorities in selected countries.
  • Reviews of strategic plans of space agencies, companies and other organizations with space program and space cooperation interests.
  • International space business development assessments and support.
  • Investigations into specific business opportunities and obstacles with recommendations on next steps.
  • Reports on US space business opportunities and challenges for small and medium sized companies based in countries seeking to expand their market opportunities.

ISS conducts studies, prepares reports and provides consulting services for space agencies, companies and research organizations in all regions of the world.

Drawing from its team of highly experienced consultants, International Space Services establishes an expert group that responds to individual client requests in a highly effective and personalized fashion. ISS also maintains contacts with space consulting entities in other countries in order to provide additional support to meet the needs of ISS clients.
Sand dunes and ripples on Mars viewed from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.
Credit: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory/University of Arizona.

For smaller organizations considering new international ventures, International Space Services can provide focused, professional support when and where it is needed. For larger organizations International Space Services can supplement in-house international expertise and concentrate on specific tasks. We can provide an individual consultant or assemble a team of experts with a unique combination of skills. Regardless of the extent of our participation, we remain focused on the success of our client’s space activities, on resolving problems, and on creating new collaboration opportunities.

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