Drawing on the extensive experience and expertise of its team of professional space consultants, ISS assists its clients by:

Enhanced NASA Terra Satellite “Blue Marble “ image.
Credit:  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Monitoring government space program developments in the United States and in other countries:
  • Status of major space projects
  • Budget developments
  • New program initiatives
  • Policy and legislative developments
  • Leadership and organizational changes
We alert clients to major space developments, comment on their significance and provide advice on related opportunities and challenges.
International Space Station viewed from Space Shuttle Discovery during the STS-119 mission in March 2009.
Credit:  NASA.Supporting space business development activities in areas such as:
  • New market opportunities
  • Competitive programs and practices
  • Export control regulations and procurement constraints
  • Potential business strategies and initiatives
We provide customized support to help our space business clients pursue their business interests by providing updates on foreign market developments, identifying potential opportunities and by overcoming regulatory and other market access challenges.
Uranus’ moon Miranda viewed by the Voyager-2 spacecraft.
Credit:  NASA/Jet Propulsion LaboratoryConducting investigations on selected topics of interest to our clients in areas such as:
  • New space policies and initiatives
  • Potential cooperation opportunities
  • Space market strategies
  • Export control and procurement issues
Our investigations and the resulting reports we prepare are enhanced by the extensive space program background, policy expertise and worldwide contacts of the ISS team members.
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